A Message on COVID-19 & Shipping

During this unusual time, the Foundation is committed to doing everything it can to support our shift in perception from fear to love.

"Would you not go through fear to love?  For such the journey seems to be."
–A Course in Miracles (T-16.IV.11)

A Note about Shipping

The Foundation for Inner Peace continues to send products internationally.  However, these shipments may be significantly delayed due to COVID-19 restrictions on international parcel flights and reduced staff/hours at worldwide postal facilities.  We strongly encourage you to order locally.

How you can stay connected

  • Attend our Twice Monthly Webinars.  We are continuing our free webinars, to promote peace of mind, love and joining. Join us to stay connected to the Guidance of the Course.   Register https://acim.org/events/
  • Give to support our work.  Your gift unites us in bringing A Course in Miracles to as many people as possible throughout the world at this time when its message is so needed. Donate https://acim.org/donate/
  • Dedicate yourself to your Workbook lessons.  When your mind is at peace, that peace extends to others.  You can access the lessons on our website in seven languages.  Read https://lessons.acim.org/en/ 
We are all joined in LOVE as we are One Mind.
Please take care of yourselves in this illusory world of form,
with limitless love to each of you from all of us at the Foundation.