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To further our purpose of making A Course in Miracles available to as many people as possible in all available formats, below you will find links to e-Book publications in English and the various translated editions as well as mobile and desktop Apps.

Please note that our Kindle e-Books are available around the world on the following Amazon sites:  US, UK, DE, FR, ES, IT, NL, JP, BR, CA, MX, AU and IN.

ACIM e-Books English

English:  Amazon (Kindle)Apple (Books) and Rakuten (Kobo) 

ACIM Reminder App 


The ACIM Workbook Reminder App is available in 5 languages:



ACIM Web Edition

The Web Edition is a donation supported offering of the Course published with the highest quality and integrity in a new form. Read, share and listen to A Course in Miracles from any of your devices. Find the perfect quote in seconds with the fastest and most comprehensive search of A Course in Miracles in publication!

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ACIM e-Books Translated Editions

Chinese Simplified 奇迹课程 or Bilingual edition - ACIM Taiwan

Chinese Tradition - 奇蹟課程 or Bilingual edition - ACIM Taiwan

Czech:  Kosmas.cz

Danish:  Det Ukendtes Boghandel

Dutch:  Amazon (Kindle), and Rakuten (Kobo) and Apple (Books)

Estonian: Apple (Books)

French:  Amazon (Kindle) and Rakuten (Kobo)

German:  Amazon (Kindle)

Greek:  Rakuten (Kobo) and Apple (Books)

Hebrew:  Efrat Sar Shalom  

Hungarian:  Rakuten (Kobo) and Publisher

Italian:  Amazon (Kindle) and Rakuten (Kobo)

Korean:  Naver and Kyobo

Norwegian:  Amazon (Kindle) and Rakuten (Kobo)

Portuguese:  Amazon (Kindle) and Rakuten (Kobo) and Apple (Books)

Russian:  Rakuten (Kobo) and Apple (Books) 

Spanish:  Amazon (Kindle) and Rakuten (Kobo) and Apple (Books)

Turkish:  Rakuten (Kobo) and Apple (Books)

e-Books Other

The Gifts of God by Helen Schucman:  Amazon (Kindle)

Estonian Supplements:  Rakuten (Kobo)